Who can participate in Campus Clubs?

Currently any child age kindergarten through 9th grade. Campus Clubs provides transportation from the schools that feed into the Pleasant Hill area only.

Do you serve kids outside the Pleasant Hill area?

We do serve kids outside the Pleasant Hill area, but transportation becomes an issue if the parent cannot bring the child to Campus Clubs or pick them up at the end of the day.

How do I register my child for CC?

You may come by the office (2193 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA 31204) to fill out an application or you may call the office and one will be mailed to you.

How is CC supported financially?

Campus Clubs is a nonprofit organization. We are primarily funded through generous donations. We are blessed with one time donations or some individuals make monthly donations. We have students who are sponsored for the year and we have been fortunate to receive grants as well. To learn more about donating to Campus Clubs please click here.

Is there more than one location?

There is currently only one location for Campus Clubs, 2193 Vineville Ave, Macon, GA 31204.

Are you affiliated with Stone Academy?

No, Campus Clubs is not affiliated with Stone Academy.

Are you affiliated with First Presbyterian Church?

Campus Clubs has benefited greatly from the support and partnership of FPC, but we are not directly affiliated. Campus Clubs is an independent non-profit organization.

What is the relationship between Campus Clubs and Strong Tower Fellowship?

Both ministries were begun by First Presbyterian Church, Campus Clubs in 1996 and Strong Tower Fellowship a couple of years ago – both ministries also share the same campus. They are however two different and separate ministries and both rely on donations and grants. Campus Clubs leases Strong Tower’s Christian Education building.

How can I volunteer?

You may come by the office to fill out an application, call the office and one will be mailed to you, or submit your information on our contact form here. Once a volunteer application is filled out, a criminal background check will be completed. Once your background check comes back clear, you will be able to volunteer.

What kind of time commitment is needed from volunteers?

There is no required amount of time needed to volunteer. You can spend as much or as little time as your schedule will allow. If you have 20-30 minutes a week to read to a child or have a child read to you, you can help with homework, or you can identify a child(ren) and stay with that particular child(ren) for the day while they are at Campus Clubs. Volunteering at Campus Clubs is also a great way for high school, college students, Greek organizations, etc. to receive community service hours.

What are the future plans for Campus Clubs?

We hope to make a significant difference to the families of Pleasant Hill. Once we know that all of the kids in Pleasant Hill that need help are being helped, we will look at a second location. We hope to have a relationship with a church in an “at risk” neighborhood similar to our relationship with Strong Tower Fellowship. We also hope and pray that we would be able to find a “sponsor” church (similar to First Presbyterian Church) that would be the main financial support for the new location.