The ministry of Campus Clubs can always use your support through prayer, and we want to thank all of those who frequently go before the Lord on our behalf! We have included a Prayer List of current needs that we will keep updated.

For Students

  • Tender hearts toward the gospel
  • Interest in spiritual truths
  • Hearts and minds shaped by a biblical world and life view
  • Safety
  • Determination to make academic progress
  • Increased confidence in their school work
  • Gained proficiency in reading, writing, and math

For Staff

  • Love and patience will be demonstrated toward the students every day
  • Energy and Stamina
  • Encouragement toward students
  • Safety
  • Unity and Discernment
  • Ability to form deep relationships with students and their families
  • Opportunities to share Christ and to not grow weary in doing good

For Board

  • Wisdom and discernment as they continue to determine and share the direction and finances of Campus Clubs

For Volunteers

  • Ability to connect on a deeper level with at least one student
  • Desire to volunteer weekly and bring friends interested in our ministry

For Parents/Guardians

  • That they would come to know the Lord if they don’t already
  • Be positive role models for their children
  • Be active in every aspect of their children’s lives especially spiritually, academically and socially
  • See the importance of education and encourage their children to always do their best

For Banquet

  • Committee
  • Speaker
  • Attendance
  • Testimony of student
  • Children singing
  • Giving hearts
  • That the banquet will bring honor to the Lord