Learning Tools

Campus Clubs is proud to use PITSCO and Lego Education resources.

PITSCO Education

Unique to Campus Clubs is an enrichment program from PITSCO designed to get kids excited about learning and mapping out their futures in specific fields of study. By using the latest in computer technology, the areas of science, technology, engineering, math, and health systems are all explored. Training in these areas will help create employment opportunities when they graduate.

As the leading provider of age-appropriate, student-centered learning systems, PITSCO provides students with the most positive and meaningful learning experiences possible. Each Getting Started (GS) system encourages students to take ownership of their learning and empowers teachers to facilitate a classroom unlike any other. Synergistic Missions delivers engaging, hands-on science experiences to elementary students, Synergistic Modules engages Students at the middle-level grades, and Synergistic Suites provide innovative, team-based learning opportunities to high school students.

Synergistic Career Ports provides real-world career exploration to high school students through virtual career internships. Synergistic Algebra is a two-course solution designed to address a critical need in education: helping students succeed in “the gateway course.”
The Missions program brings content-rich, engaging science experiences to student teams, offering hands-on science curriculum while emphasizing age-appropriate skills like reading and teamwork. In addition to its strong science content, Missions helps students reach educational goals by integrating math, technology, language arts, and career-related content throughout the curriculum that actively engages students through their hands-on activities.

LEGO Education

LEGO® Education provides hands-on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum-based solutions for teachers and students. LEGO Education materials have long been used by teachers to help students learn about robotics, simple machines, energy, forces, motion, structures, and much more.

LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education sets, software, and activities are powerful tools that convert classrooms into a hands-on robotics laboratory. Students model real-life mechanisms and use creativity, logic, and problem-solving skills to meet challenges while learning necessary science, technology, engineering, and math concepts.


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