Summer Camps

Academic Camp

Each summer, Campus Clubs has a 6 week academic camp. Those in the yearly after-school program are given first priority to enroll and if additional space is available, enrollment is open to the public.

Highlights from the 2017 Camp – Dream Big

Summer program, Dream Big, began June 5th with 224 students on roll. Throughout the summer 201 students attended at least one day with the highest daily attendance being 130. This six weeks program was the best summer program to date with highly motivated teachers, helpful volunteers, a great summer reading program (Reading is Fundamental) and quality programming. Vineville United Methodist Church graciously donated $3,500 for a matching grant to pay for our RIF program!


Comments gleaned from teachers' weekly reports


  • We have been exploring the Bible (New and Old Testaments) to learn how to live our lives.
  • The children are learning that prayers are “Our Daily Grace”. I have been encouraging my students to pray out loud.
  • Children, be a friend and take a friend to Jesus. (Mark 12:1-21) and Psalm 34:14 which says, “Depart from evil and do good. Seek peace and go after it!
  • This week we studied Galatians 5:22-23 and learned the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control.
  • Our theme has been, “Teach Me to Pray”. We praise God, confess our sins, thank God, pray for others, and pray for ourselves.
  • We have been reading through the book of Daniel. We talk about the story and how God has a plan for His people despite the exile. I have also been emphasizing the fact that scripture points to Christ!
  • The Jesus Story book is awesome! I also use Bible story color sheets to go along with the lesson!I have been teaching the ten commandments to students and having them discuss and role play how they would apply them to their daily lives as children and when they become adults.


  • Students discussed the Reading is Fundamental (RIF) books, learned new vocabulary words, made connections to the story and answered comprehension questions. The RIF books read this summer were “Emmanuel’s Dream”, “Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer”, “Ice Cream Summer”, “The Nesting Quilt” and “The Place Where You Live”.
  • We reviewed skills such as following directions, solving word problems, and adding and subtracting with regrouping. I also taught contractions, using an apostrophe, prefixes and shapes.
  • I created a KWL chart: K-What I know, W-What I want to know, L-What I Learned and I recorded students’ responses under each section on chart paper.
  • Students worked on math and number skills in the computer lab on,, and
  • I taught students how to write complete sentences using periods, question marks and exclamation points.
  • After reading and teaching a RIF book every week, I taught vocabulary, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, writing skills, and introduced students to their upcoming school year math skills.
  • I have continued to pound in math and nouns in Language Arts since this is the first lesson that they will have when school opens.
  • My students have been learning new sight words, learning to write complete sentences and learning to use correct capitalization and punctuation.
  • My class has been working through the Summer Bridge books and writing an essay on someone he/she respects. We have also been doing a lot of math.

Life Skills:

  • We are learning to make wise choices in school and in the community.
  • We defined and discussed character words such as respect, good manners, responsibility, accountability and trustworthy.
  • Listening, being respectful, learning to behave properly and getting along with others was our theme throughout the summer.
  • We have been learning how to follow directions, staying on task and finishing a job!
  • My students have been learning how to listen when someone else is talking as well as ways to treat each other and others better.
  • We have been discussing bullying. How do you handle a bully? Who should you tell? How to watch out for bullies and or course, not to be a bully.
  • To build self- esteem and promote positive behavior a bulletin board in the classroom highlighted a student for good behavior. I wrote personal notes to them and read them openly to the class. Students loved it! The class behavior was very good!
  • Bike shop, fitness time, reading, writing and math are all life skills that we worked on. I realized that most of my students have never played a game where we guess words by acting them out, drawing or giving clues. We played games that required skills to use different words or subjects. We also used a schedule that was written on the board each morning. My hope is that each student will begin to use a schedule in life as well as make a schedule and keep the schedule!

General Comments:

  • Summer Camp was a very rewarding experience. Visiting two churches was quite a learning experience. I learned as much as the kids, and I felt I grew spiritually by leaps and bounds. The Bible lessons spoke to my spirit and encouraged me to go deeper and study more of the word of God The generosity of the Food Program was exceptional. Two families were extremely blessed. I appreciated the love, kindness and generosity that came from the directors.
  • The feelings of touching the lives of young children through Christ warms my heart. Thanks to all of you or making it happen for them and for me. Feeling blessed!!!
  • Thanks for the prayer! We had a great summer of learning, playing and praying!
  • I enjoyed RIF program along with the students. With the help of volunteers, I made picture dictionaries and important facts about reading and math books for the students to take home.

Directors' Summary

This has by far been our best summer program yet! It was fast paced and exhausting; however, with great teachers, a talented intern, and amazing volunteers, much was accomplished. Over 75 volunteers helped us throughout the summer.

Besides the spiritual, academics and life skills that the teachers mentioned, we also provided:

  • Vacation Bible School at Vineville United Methodist Church for grades K-5 through 4th grade
  • Bob Hoffman Basketball Camp at Mercer University for 10 of our boys
  • Girls’ Basketball Camp for 3rd-5th graders led by Mollie Lee, a FPD student
  • FPD Football Team Day- They helped with needs and ate lunch in various classrooms
  • Girls’ Cheerleading Camp for 1st-5th graders led by Harrison Martin, a FPD student
  • Girls Scouts
  • Educational garden and produced many cucumbers which are becoming pickles!
  • Girls’ Craft Camp for 1st and 2nd graders led by FPD students
  • Rugby for boys 3rd through 5th grade
  • 4th and 5th grade Chapel
  • High School Chapel
  • Flag Football for boys in Middle and High Schoo
  • Basketball Tournament (Thanks to VUMC and Vineville Baptist Churches for use of gyms.)
  • Middle School Girls’ Golf (ending with a trip to Bowden Golf Course)
  • 5k students went to a movie at AmStar and lunch at Chick Fil A during Cow Appreciation Day
  • 5th grade girls dressed in cow attire and went to Chick Fil A on Cow Appreciation Day
  • Pin Strike Bowling for 4th and 5th grades
  • Middle School and High School swim days at Booker T. Washington and East Macon Park.
  • High School Field trip to WMAZ
  • High School Balloon Release, baking with elementary classes and Grilled Cheese Cook Off
  • St. Andrews Christian Church hosted a “water party” for 1st and 2nd grades complete with lunch, favors, and a huge water slide!
  • Camp Grace- Twenty students attended this week long Christian camp this year.
  • Fitness and Weight room was enjoyed by middle and high school boys.

Since our summer program ended, we have continued to appreciate staff, teachers, interns and volunteers as we have changed some rooms around. Strong Tower Fellowship has given us some storage space outside; therefore, we are storing unused or seasonally used items outside. Our storage room has become our fitness room, and the fitness room is being converted to a fine arts room. This has taken many hours over many days, but we have needed a good ” Cleaning!”

Steven and Robin attended the Convocation of the Bibb County Public School System on Tuesday, July 25 at the invitation of Dr. Griffin-Stewart, principal of L.H. Williams.

We were happy to welcome our students back on Monday, August 14.


  • Prayer, prayer, prayer!!!
  • General budget financial gifts
  • Basketballs

Camp Grace

Camps are a strategic part of Campus Clubs’ effort to reach students with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our belief that an individual cannot be whole without a living relationship with God, through His Son. Partnering with a youth organization known as Camp Grace, students have the privilege of experiencing a Christian camp, where the gospel is proclaimed in an age-appropriate setting that tears down the walls of doubt and despair and allows the light of Gods’ glory to shine in their hearts.

These yearly camps have been tagged the best weekend of your life. The students are removed from their normal environment and the distractions of the world, experiencing the beauty of God’s creation. Through the Benjamin Hawkins Foundation, students in the past have received scholarships to assist them in attending this awesome camp.

Mission Trip to Nicaragua

Due to the generosity of a donor who specified foreign missions, a Campus Clubs kid, LaTonya Stephens, and Executive Director, Robin Crosby, spent a week in Nicaragua with a mission team from First Presbyterian Church. LaTonya had only been out of Macon one time and was afraid of flying and water. She overcame many of her fears as she stretched herself and placed her trust in God. “I watched her tackle her fears, love on sick and needy children, pray with hurting mothers of sick children, and work very diligently painting several dingy hospital rooms,” commented Robin.

LaTonya gave her life to Christ last summer and was able to experience another culture with very poor and hurting people where she could offer them hope in Christ through her actions and words.

Camp Scholarships

We hope to participate in more mission trips abroad and stateside, such as tornado or hurricane clean-ups. We are also hoping to send all of our students to Camp Grace. Grants are being applied for and all donations for this purpose would be appreciated. To provide a donation for this purpose please click here.