From Parents

  • Campus Clubs is a very loving place to be. The staff are very professional, caring and kind. Every child is unique in their own way. The staff really care about the children’s education, skills, and Biblical principles. Campus Clubs children’s hearts and lives are being changed.

    Ms. Virgie – Great Grandmother and Guardian of Campus Clubs Student

  • My experience being at Campus Clubs has been a wonderful thing. I enjoy coming to Campus Clubs everyday and seeing the wonderful kids. Sometimes when I am having an off day, my spirit gets lifted because the staff are so loving and friendly-they make me smile and that makes me happy again. I have volunteered for almost two years and I have enjoyed every minute of it!

    Ms. Toyier – Mother & Aunt of Campus Clubs Students

From Students

  • Every day after school I go to a place that is so cool Everyone gives hugs and shows each other so much love When I’m there I smile daily even if my life is crazy Sometimes I get so comfortable that I think they are my friends or at least until the end When my heart is feeling cold Campus Clubs still helps me to reach my goals Everytime I feel as if things are coming to an end, Campus Clubs on the other end Is telling me to stick it out and don’t pout That is why I love Campus Clubs without a doubt

    Campus Clubs: A Poem by Marqueesha

  • I changed my attitude since I’ve been in Campus Clubs and changed my act, too. I found out a lot of things like how to build a robot and how to do my sentences properly. I had fun sometimes learning about God and these robots and the journeys and learning how to do my homework. I met new friends, new teachers, new staff, even new things. I have a lot of fun here and I like some of the educational games we play and do. I like it here. We get wonderful snacks and we do lovely things. I like to play outside when we come from school and sometimes in the afternoon, I like to hear about God and his stories. I like Campus Clubs.

    Marquise – Middle School Student

From Volunteers & Partners

  • The Campus Club team is changing children’s lives for the better! This incredible group of paid staff and volunteers is energizing young people to be good students and find joy in studying to learn new things. At Campus Clubs, they instill the value of hard work, demonstrate the importance of loving your neighbor, and highlight the possibilities ahead for these children if they complete school.

    Kathryn H. Dennis – President, Community Foundation of Central Georgia

  • The greatest predictor of a child’s educational outcome can be linked to the education level of their parents, especially that of their mother. The GED partnership with Campus Clubs allows the Adult Education Program of Central Georgia Technical College to provide innovated instruction that is accessible, flexible and relevant. This location provides the residents of Pleasant Hill and the parents of Campus Club with a path to transformative change.

    Sharon Cloud – Adult Education Program, Central Georgia Technical College

  • I now know what I want to do with my life. I want to work with at risk students to change the course of their lives through teaching and teaming with groups like Campus Clubs.

    Macon State College, Student Volunteer

From Staff

  • We love the imagination of our K-1st grade class; we have adventures with a spunky seahorse named Chip, courtesy of Zoe. One student, S. Fields, has come to the correct conclusion that EVERY story that we have read in the Bible points to the coming of Christ, and we can see Jesus everywhere!

    Detchon Walton – Former Teacher

  • One of my students was struggling with behavior issues and refused to stay in his seat when he was told to. Finally, I put him in Time Out to give him time to think about his actions. Ten minutes later, he came back to the homework room and told me he was “sorry for being disobedient”. He then gave me a big hug and asked if the could do anything to help me out! It was so encouraging to see such a drastic change and to know that he’s going home with such a better demeanor.

    Jessica Davidson – Former Teacher

From Teachers

  • All of the CC students received the bug award (Brought Up Grades) and Zyonn is on Principal’s Honor Roll and ShaDaja is on A/B Honor Roll!

    Robert Shepherd, M.Ed. – L.H. Williams Elementary

  • Out of 18 students in my classroom, my Campus Clubs students, on average, scored higher on the Georgia Milestone test than students that do not attend. Campus Clubs students come to school more prepared to learn because their homework is complete and because of the academic enrichment activities that are provided by their great staff.

    L.H. Williams Elementary